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How To Save Brokerage On Trading With Top Five Brokerage Houses In India?

If you are thinking about investments in shares and other financial instruments in India then you need to think about a brokerage house as well. And when this word brokerage comes into your mind, you think let not waste the money, don’t you? Or at least you start thinking more about the brokerage and less about how to and where to invest. This is a common phenomenon and every newbie in the market and even the pro traders find ways every day to cut the brokerage expenses and to make more profit on their investments. If you are investing for the first time or thinking about taking your first leap in the market then you need to find a good and reasonable brokerage house for sure so that your hard-earned money is not wasted in paying brokerage and annual maintenance charges which are more than your profits sometimes.

But there are ways you can control and monitor the expenses of your in the market and thereby reduce the brokerage and the other charges to make a handsome amount of profit in the market at the end of the day.

Things you need see where you can reduce the charges

  • The charges of the trading platform might not be mandatory – There are many brokerage houses which charges hefty fees for their trading platforms, it might be a past now but earlier this used to happen. Even now there are some of such monsters in the market who wants to gallop all your profits by charging fees for their inefficient trading platforms. But there are the top brokerage houses them who have their trading platforms with inbuilt advanced technologies and they offer the trading platforms free of cost. You need to find out the best brokerage house that has the trading platform with all the features and charges nothing or maybe just a onetime fee which is very affordable to the pockets.
  • The trading fees depend on brokers and financial products – Not all brokers charge the same brokerage or a flat brokerage on all segments. But there are brokers who charge a flat fee on per lot trading or in different segments of investment. There are various brokers who charge high brokerage and other charges for the same services which are provided for free from other brokers. But you have to see what kinds of services are provided by the brokers and whether they are a full-service broker or discount brokerage. Discount Brokerage houses are new in India and they are offering great brokerage schemes but they don’t provide all the services which a full-service broker would provide. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot trade with them; rather there is few of the top discount brokerage house which offers exciting trading opportunities, better platform all at a very cheap fee. The main thing is that you have to understand which trading platform is better, what charges are reasonable for you and then you have to choose the brokerage house. The full-service brokers also charge nominal fees according to their services, it is your investment goal and abilities that will depict which brokerage you should choose but higher brokerage doesn’t mean higher income opportunities or better trading platforms, so beware.
  • Annual fees can be avoided – Yes, the annual fees on the trading account can be avoided by maintaining the least balance in the account just like the bank accounts now in India. But there are many brokerage houses which don’t charge any annual fees on the trading account as well. For the annual maintenance fees, you need to see which Demat account suits you the best and what are their annual charges for maintenance. There are many brokerage houses mainly the top ones who charge a nominal amount which is very much affordable for the investors. You have to check and compare the different brokerage houses.
  • If there are inactivity charges then try to avoid it – Yes, if you can maintain a nominal balance in your account all the time and can trade at least in a while then you won’t have to pay the high inactivity fees. You might be a long-term trader who trades once in a while but you want to research the market all the time so, to avoid the inactivity fees galloping your profits, try to use the platform once in a while by doing some activity which won’t cost your brokerage but also make sure that you are active on the platform. Moreover, in India, the best brokerage houses don’t have any inactivity fees.
  • Account Closure charges – If you need to close the account or the account has been closed due to inactivity, and there is a certain amount deducted from your account then, you don’t have to worry as when you will reopen the account, the same will be credited back to your account.
  • Check and then opt for the optional Features and facilities – Not all the features and the services you require, do you? You have to scrutinize the services you require and then choose them. If you choose all the services and don’t use most of them, then you just have to pay the money without any profit generated against it. So, there are various services offered by the brokerage houses especially the full-service brokerage houses. You should always choose the services that you require for your trading purpose to avoid the extra charges for those services. If you require them in the future, then you can opt for them.

So, by implementing these ideas you can find the best brokerage house in India with which you can save lots of brokerages. This will not only affect your earnings positively but will also reduce your headache of paying hefty fees all the time. And to make your investing journey a little easier,

top five brokerage houses in India who charges minimum brokerage and have various benefits.

  1. Zerodha:
  2. The concept of discount brokerage house came holding the hand of Zerodha in India. Here is an insight of their trading and brokerage fees –
    1. There is no brokerage on the equity delivery segment in Zerodha. Invest any amount for any time period and you don’t have to pay a single penny as brokerage.
    2. Then for all other segments like intraday in equities, equity futures, equity options, currency futures, currency options, commodities, there is a flat fee of INT 20 per trade or 0.01% of the trading amount whichever is lower of the two for the particular will be charged as brokerage.

This is why Zerodha is one of the cheapest brokerage houses in India as it charges a flat fee of only INR 20 on each trade or just 0.01%. The other benefits of this brokerage house are that there is no concept of minimum brokerage and this idea was also initiated by this brokerage house in the country again. Then there is a referral program of this brokerage house where you can earn and save brokerage again. There are various other benefits like trailing stop loss for the institutional traders or bracket orders etc. It is hundreds of branches in the country so, if you are looking for a brokerage house where you can save maximum brokerage then you must choose Zerodha.


  1. Fyers: It is also one of the lowest-priced brokerage houses in the country. Though it is new in the market with its incorporation the year 2015, it has gained a lot of reputation with its innovative trading ideas and platforms and its unparalleled customer care. The Thematic trading of Fyers is a whole new concept in the trading market where there is a range of themes that are read made portfolios with different options in them. This is kind of an automatic PMS service where you can build a portfolio based on your financial goals and aspirations and the industry and stocks you want to follow on your own with the help of the different themes available under this application. The best part is Fyers doesn’t charge a single penny for this great idea, benefit, and service or feature whatever you call it from the clients or the customers. Coming back to the brokerage charges of Fyers,
  • It is the lower of 0.01% and INR 20 on each trade of any volume on equity intra-day, delivery and equity futures trading;
  • For the options, it is fixed at INR 20 on every executed order;
  • for the NRIs the charges are fixed at INR 100 for every executed order; and
  • INR 20 for the call and trade facilities;
  • For automatic squaring off there is again a charge of INR 20 per order executed.

The benefits of using the Fyers platform are huge like you get the thematic trading for free which is a huge benefit. The trading platforms are highly advanced, with technical charts and analysis to help the traders. The trading platforms are free of cost so you are not paying for the trading platform, as mentioned above in the first point of the article.

But there is an upfront fee of INR 400 and taxes on the Demat account as Fyers use the IL&FS platform to provide the Demat accounts.

The Fyers 30 day challenge then offers the traders to win back all brokerage amounts spent in the thirty days if they can constantly make a profit for the thirty days. Fyers is a discount broker but it has a mutual fund and another financial instrument under its belly and thus the brokerage charges are really low if you compare with any other broker in the country.

  1. Upstox: It is one of the leading discount brokers in India with a 1% total turnover on NSE. Its loyal client base has made it one of the top brokers in India within a few years of its incorporation. This brokerage house made mobile trading famous in India with Omnisys NEST OMS on the mobile trading platform; it made the trading easier on the mobile. The other trading platforms of Upstox are also well advanced in terms of technology and ease of trading.
    1. The brokerage plan of Upstox is quite simple and mostly like Zerodha. It is INR 20 or 0.01% of the amount of the order executed on whichever is the lower It is for all the segments that are equity intraday, futures, options, currency futures, options as well as for the commodity futures.
    2. For equity delivery, there is no brokerage.

Coming to the benefits of Upstox, the first and the third point of the above-mentioned points are checked. There is no trading platform fee and there is no annual maintenance fee on the trading account but there are a trading account opening fees of INR 150. The annual maintenance fees on the Demat account are also INR 150 which has to be paid yearly on the beginning. The other benefits include the iOS and the android trading platforms which are super fast and have technical analysis charts and other various features with which you can trade on the go. These trading platforms whether on phone or computer or on any other device are available free of cost. Being a discount broker in the market, it has all kinds of facilities to make your trading smooth and profitable, it has bracket orders, cover orders, aftermarket orders everything, so you are not loosing on anything even when the brokerage is one of the cheapest in the market. This is not the end; you get various indicators, charts, and graphs for predicting markets for better trading profits.

  1. Angel Broking: It is a full-service broker with lots of varied facilities, products, and This firm was established with the motto of making retail investment popular and easy in India and they actually did the same in just a few years of their operation. They provide an array of services like Portfolio management, investment advisory services, Demat services, trading of different financial instruments, etc.
    1. The brokerage plan of a full-service broker is obviously different from the discount brokers but you have to see what other benefits you are getting if you are trading on their platform. So, there are various plans under Angel broking services and the minimum brokerage on Equity delivery segment as of now is 0.128% whereas the maximum is 0.4%. In the equity futures or intraday segment, the minimum is 0.0128% and the maximum brokerage charge is 0.04%. In the options segments, there are varied charges and it varies from INR 6.4- INR 80. In the commodity segment, the charges are between 0.128% to 0.4% and etc. The main thing which you must consider is the Demat charges under different plans that are for the Angel Classic plan, you have to pay AMC from the beginning year and the amount is INR 450 whereas for the Angel preferred you have to pay the AMC from the 2nd year and for the other two plans Angel Premier and Elite, the AMC charges starts from 3rd and 4th But if you want you can purchase a lifetime Demat account with only INR 2500 and these will be no charges in the future.
    2. The other benefits of Angel broking are like highly technologically advanced trading platforms are offered free of cost. There are a variety of products and segments for you to invest and that too with just one single trading and Demat account, what else do you need? Can you imagine how much Demat charges and trading brokerage you can save with one single platform and account to trade in different segments? This is why full-service brokers are one of the best in the market. Then the huge presence and association with the big banks and the major exchanges allow the investors to have a faith on the brokerage houses. Then the customer support of Angel broker is always active and there are personalized reports and researches done for the clients and the customers.
  2. Share Khan: It is the leading brokerage house in India and one of the biggest as well. It is actually one of the top 3 largest brokerage houses in India and thus it has an end number of products, services and features and facilities for its customers. Let see whether you can save brokerage by trading on Share Khan’s platform or not.
    1. The brokerage plans are varied but the overview is like for the intraday trades, it is 0.1% on both the sides of the transactions. For the delivery of the equities, the charges are 0.5% or INR 16 per scrip or 10 paise per share whichever is higher. For the Future and options segment, it is 0.1% on the 1st leg and 0.02% on the 2nd provided it is squared off on the same trading day and if later, then 0.1%. For the commodity section, it is 0.1% and it is the same for currency futures as well. For the equity options, it is INR 100/ contract or 2.5% on the option premium but on the basis of whichever fee is higher. For the currency options INR 30/lot or 2.5% on the options premium (higher of the two).
    2. The opening charge of the Trading accounts varies according to the type of account and the range is within INR 750 to INR 1000. But the payment made is just for once and that will also be adjusted against the brokerage amount for the next 6 months. The best part is there is no maintenance charge for the trading accounts but for the Demat account there is INR 400 charge from the 2nd But you don’t have to pay anything for opening a Demat account as the charge is already included in the trading account opening charges. If you see the charges, it is almost equal and even less than most of the brokerage houses in India and thus you save a lot if you start trading with these top five brokerage houses.

None of these five brokerage houses charges a fee for the trading platform, none of them charges inactivity fees, none of the charges hefty brokerages and none of the charges huge annual maintenance fees. So, all the points which you should consider before choosing a brokerage house for saving brokerage and making more profit are covered by these five. So, you can save a lot of brokerages and make a profit while trading on these platforms.

In India, it has been observed that the lack of knowledge in Share trading lands the investors in huge losses but with this dedicated brokerage houses, you not only save brokerage (survey says discount brokers can save 80-90% of your brokerage fees) but also learn to trade at ease and make money on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZERODHA safe for traders?

Zerodha have crossed 1.5 miliouns clients as on Dec 19. no 1 stock broker which have zero debt on market as on now. Hightest rated stock broker.

What are the options to open demat account withzerodha online?

Clients can open online demat account with zerodha through ekyc with depository institutions instantly. there also offline options available to open demat account if there persist any issue  with online process.

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