Indian share market has not limited its services only up to shares, financial certificates or valuable bonds; it has also spread its services towards commodity brokerage facilities. A commodity broker is an authorized registered representative who places commodity trades on behalf of their clients. They are the person who has thorough and detailed knowledge of commodity trading system and strategies used to identify the trends of their trading platform. A commodity broker generally handles commodity trades for the brokerage firm. There has been increasing trend in the share market for commodity trading. It is the first and foremost duty of a commodity broker to accomplish their task by providing appropriate advise to the clients regarding the most profitable exchange of the commodities. At the initial stage when commodity trading came into effect, the deals were with agricultural commodity, metal commodity or energy commodities etc. But now with the passage of time and due to the new and innovative market trends commodity broking has come up with financial derivatives that are based on wide range of assets, such as currency. Commodity broking has become an established asset class in the Indian share market in the last few years. Indian investors are moving towards the changing trends of share market. This has attracted investors to trade in commodity as a future asset and make a profitable deal. Commodity broking holds its uniqueness in transparency in a price mechanism, low margin, risk management and price clarity in an organized way for the benefit of the investors. Generally the investor those who want to deal with high leverage helps them to invest in a large number of lots, make a good profit for their investment plan. Best commodity broker deliver valuable advice on recent market acceleration. New traders are prone to make mistake but with the guidance of good commodity broker they can avoid such problem and be a polished investor within a short period of time. In the field of commodity broking, the financial firms like Zerodha, RKSV and Angel broking have provided huge number of option for the clients those who are looking for trading in commodities. Some of the best commodity brokers of the stock market are becoming the first choice of investors as they have gained a lot of experience over the market, spotting regular trading opportunities is their best ability. New traders are not so active regarding their investment plans while commodity trading and they generally miss out profitable opportunities. Holding the best commodity broker in the brokerage process is a smart choice. It is the duty of a best commodity broker to introduce such trading plans which are suitable for clients as per their requirement and capabilities. So start your investment plan for commodity broking and make sure to join the best commodity brokers and grab their dedication towards the best broking services.