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In India, Rs 0 brokerage for delivery trades came along with Zerodha. Zerodha is largest discount stock broker who offer low brokerage trading and demat account across nse,bse and mcx.Open zerodha demat account and enjoy flat Rs 20/trade all intra-day trading. Zerodha It is also commonly referred as the cheapest or the flat brokerage house that made zero brokerage or commission famous in India and adding several new Demat accounts to the exchanges. Zerodha is a company which was formed in the city of Bangalore and now in the last seven years of their operation, they have spread across the country and made lacs of clients. The investors and the traders call this company with various names such as Budget broker or pay per order brokerage firm and of course discount broker. This company serves all the need of investor whether they are investing in the equity segment or in the commodities or in Currency Derivatives. Zerodha doesn’t have any minimum brokerage and that is what made it famous across the investors. But what made it the most sought-after brokerage house is their policy that you (investor) either have to pay only INR 20 or 0.01% on each trade of any volume and price. The volume of the trade doesn’t influence the Zerodha brokerage charges and thus if you are buying a lot of share or a single share you pay 20 as the maximum charges. They charge as the lower of 0.01% of the transaction or INR 20 for any trade and of course, if you are taking delivery, you don’t have to pay any charges.


  • Intra day Brokerage for trading Equities – INR 20 or 0.01% of the each traded amount whichever is lower.
  • Brokerage on Equity Future trading – lower of the 0.01% or INR 20 for each trade.
  • Brokerage on Equity options – 0.01% or INR 20, lower of the two on per trade basis (turnover basis)
  • Brokerage on Currency Futures – 0.01% or INR 20, lower of the two on per trade amount
  • Brokerage on currency Options – 0.01% or INR 20 per trade whichever amount is the amount.
  • Brokerage on trading commodities – 0.01% or INR 20, the lower of the two amounts on each trade basis.
Other charges 
  • STT – For Equity delivery, it is 0.1% on both buying and selling of the equities and for intraday trade, it is 0.025% on the selling side. For futures, it is 0.01% on the sell side and for options, 0.05% on the premium of the sell side
  • Transaction/turnover Charges – For equity delivery on NSE it is INR 325 for each 1 cr and on BSE it is INR 1 for each trade on both side. For Intra-day, the charges are same on both the exchanges. For Futures, it is INR 210 per crore on NSE and INR 1 for each trade (both side) and for options, it is INR 5300 per crore and INR 1 on both side per trade on the premium of options.
  • GST – For both Intra-day and Delivery on Equity and F&O it is 18% on the sum of brokerage amount and transaction charges.
  • SEBI Charges – INR 15 per 1 crore for both intra-day and delivery. It is same equity as well as F&O.Stamp Charges – It is according to the rules of the state for both equities and F&O on both delivery and intra-day.
Hidden Charges if any by ZERODHA: The other charges can be levied on the following –
  1. Trade on Call facility @ INR 20 per trade.
  2. INR 20 for every position which is not squared off on the orders executed for MIS/BO/CO.
  3. INR 20 as additional charges for courier of Physical copies of contract notes.
  4. If you activate SMS option for trader alerts – INR 1 for equity and Futures and options and currency as well and INR 0.50 for commodities.
  5. INR 9 for fund transfer for Instant payment gateways for twenty-two
  6. DP charges for equity delivery selling – INR 8 per transaction.

Other charges as per NSE, statutory bodies etcZERODHA DEMAT ACCOUNT OPENNING

ZERODHA Trading platform: PI & Kite Pi : Most advanced trading platform This is a most suitable platform for the traders who continuously follow the trading charts; Algos, different trading strategies as well as back-testing facilities are there on this platform. There are numerous charts and strategies inbuilt to assist you in your trading. Kite : Mobile trading app by ZERODHA This is an application software which is made for Android and Blackberry platform and you can trade and see charts using this app. KITE MOBILE APP ZERODHA

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